Be conscious of your consciousness

Throughout Effortless Wealth, I discuss wealth consciousness - a lot. We are about developing our wealth consciousness.

con·scious·ness 1. the state of being awake and aware of one's surroundings. And I would like to add 2. being awake and aware of one's thinking and feeling.

So many of us go through our days without much awareness of what we are really thinking and feeling as we do what we do. Nor are we consciously choosing our thoughts or feelings.

Do you go through your day in scarcity? For most of us, we go through our days in scarcity consciousness. We have a mindset of fear, worry about money, worry about there not being enough opportunity, time, resources, clean air...the list goes on and on. And this scarcity mindset drives us hard...really hard in ways we cannot even imagine. Like anger at our co-worker for getting the promotion we thought should be ours, or frustration in traffic where there seems so little space to merge onto the highway. I understand, as we live on earth - scarcity or the idea of scarcity - is something we learn about and learn to manage.

As we dive into effortless wealth, we give ourselves permission to see that life and who we really are, is at its core, wealth promulgating and abundance infused. We are swimming in grace and unlimitedness! However, we drop into life on earth (a.k.a be born) knowing this, and then over time forgetting this. Our consciousness moves from one of complete understanding of our unlimited creating capabilities and abundant natural wealth, to one of scarcity and poverty.

But fret not, you have only forgotten your wealth consciousness and your true wealth standing! It is not lost or irretrievable - in any way! It is Who You Really Are and What you Are. And our journey - our wealth journey - is back to that which is and always has as wealth personified.

And as you reconnect and remember, you will become conscious of your consciousness. You will notice if you are giving into scarcity or choosing wealth. And then you will be free! Free to choose wealth or scarcity, worry or knowing, abundance or poverty, prosperity or limitedness. Becoming aware of how you are feeling and thinking will give you the presence of mind and body to be the power investor and creator you truly are!

Awesome right! So today, play with being conscious of your consciousness. Become aware and notice. Don't think anything is bad or good - just notice. Take a breath and notice how you are feeling and thinking. This noticing is the key to everything! Because as you become conscious of your consciousness, you move into the power investor role.  GO!

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