You Decide Your Prosperity Narrative

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This weekend I watched a very powerful documentary about Michele Obama (First Ladies on CNN). She is such a powerful person – woman – fierce woman. And there were so many wonderful and meaningful messages in this story – but the one that I want to write about today is that you are in charge of your narrative - you are the creator - you are the decider.

I have to admit, I am still shocked by how intensely people attacked the Obamas and the hurtful things said about the First Lady.  Yet, she stayed steadfast to her message, to her essence, and to her heart-core. She kept to her internal narrative, her internal heartfelt passion about helping, inspiring and holding space for what is possible for America and for humanity. I was just so touched by her ability to decide about her narrative even though there was tremendous noise and attack at her; she stayed steadfast.

You Are the Decider

I think holding onto our prosperity narrative and being the decider about how we are going to see ourselves, speak about ourselves and feel about ourselves is of great importance, not just now - but always. We can be a creator - writing the story or we can be the reactor letting others write our story. 

It reminds me of this great story one of my favorite authors told in his book Orbiting the giant hairball. It is a story about a baby born with a tiny blank canvas under her arm. And as she emerged from the womb, the doctor took the blank canvas and said, we will keep this for you until you are old enough to sketch and write your life story on.

As the child grew, others could not keep from doodling on the blank canvas…writing ideas on it and putting all kinds of pictures and rules onto the blank canvas. By the time the little one was old enough to start coloring on her canvas - it was filled with all kinds of things! Barely any blank space to create her story on!

Take Back Your Canvas

I think you get the point. We come into this world with creative capabilities to paint any life picture we want, but over the course of growing up, others paint their picture of reality on our canvas…and at some point, we need to take the pen, brush, (eraser) and paints and color our life-creation on our canvas. We need to find our inner truth and magnificent light and appreciate it, embrace it, and hold onto it - can CREATE IT - our wonderful unique way.

This is our greatest prosperity – to listen to the innocence of our hearts’ call and create our life our way…

So today and always, listen to the inner wisdom of your grand inner-wealth-source. Let this help you paint the day, paint the week and paint your life your way. This gift is wealth at its finest.

Remember you are deciding your inner narrative and you are painting your life - your canvas - always and in all ways.

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