Behave as if the God in all life matters

One of my favorite books from 20 years ago was written by 

Machaelle Small Wright... Behaving as if all life mattered. It is a lovely book discussing nature and our relationship with all of life. It is Machaells learning journey as she created Perelandra nature center. She saw and sees that everything is alive, has consciousness and matters...all creatures great and small. Even Gaia - mother earth has consciousness  and matters.

The book touched me very deeply at the time (and still does) because I did not look at the world in such a magical way as Machaelle. I looked at it as a scary, hard place that you had to be protected from and vigilant about. Life was not safe and you needed to be on the defensive and offensive. Kind of like we are feeling today as the Covid thing is a real part of our days.

But today some 20 years later, I have a different consciousness. Today, I know that life has at its essence love. Today, I know that what I put my attention on prospers. Today I know that "God", the love-source, the unlimited-energy-of-all-that-is is inside of everyone and everything and we can not be separated from it...ever.

And today I choose to once again remember to behave as if the God in all life matters. To give a thank you to the grocery store that is still open, to notice the birds making nests in my back yard, to enjoy the daffodil as it sings it spring song to the sun and to smile kindly at the ant that just walked across my keyboard. All of life matters. And to that end - the other day in my pillar meditation group, we sent love to the covid. Yes we can love covid, we can send it love and neutralize it through that love.

I love, I love, I love and I am open to receiving more and more love and thus being able to share more and more love.

I was listening to this wonderful montage of Oprah speeches and she said something to the effect of, "I am happy that people know me to be full of myself. Because I am full, and then I give from abundance, from my cup that over floweth!"

I feel that love when I see the "god" in all of life and I know that all of life matters. It makes my heart over flow with love. 

Live long and prosper.

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  • Camille Stohlgren on

    Thank you Laurie. Your words bring so much meaning to my life and struggles.

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