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It is interesting that this covid thing has me in protection mode to the point, I think I have not been relaxed enough to receive. Or even considering receiving.

I was going to call this post - Allow yourself to receive. Why is it so hard for us to allow ourselves to receive? Why do we put our shields up and then forget that life is sharing with us - in many ways. I think I also forgot that life is sharing with me inspiration, and ideas to move me forward toward my desires. I have been so focused on sending love and support to everyone around covid, I was leaving myself out of the equation. Forgetting, I get to receive and have love and support too.

And it is ok to allow yourself to receive that which you want. In fact, it is you who are the decider on this. It is ok to allow yourself to receive love now. It ok to allow yourself to receive peace now. It is ok to feel good and receive grace now.

Even if the exact thing you have been wanting is not here right now. You can receive and allow yourself the excitement of it, the inspirations around it and the peace of it being in progress.

Relaxing your body enough to receive the grace (the liquid honey of love) of the moment is really a good practice.

But you cannot receive if you are on high alert. If your body is tense and your mind worried...receiving is not happening as much as you would like. Receiving means we take our shields down for a bit. It means we relax our muscles and our bodies to allow love to flow though us and to us. 

Take a few breaths right now and allow yourself to receive whatever you need right now. Slow yourself down and relax for a bit. And receive what you need. You have called it to you - now receive.

I do believe this is why meditation is so powerful and has been encouraged by many spiritual masters for eons. Quieting the mind, relaxing the body, allows us to receive the ever flowing love and wealth...and it allows us to allow ourselves to accept and receive. Allow yourself to receive now.

Breathe in - and breathe out. 

Breathe in - and breathe out. 

Breathe in - and breathe out. 

Live long and know you are always receive now.

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