Grace is Wealth

I have been listening to this wonderful book - The Sophia Code as I feel called to the Magdalene energy work and this book has much to teach about the Grace of the feminine.

I wanted to share with you the way the author describes Grace (please read this list slowly and pause after each item and let it marinate and seep into your body and mind:

  • Grace cannot be earned because it is freely available regardless of all circumstances. - breathe - 
  • It is a "space" where you can experience and enjoy your sovereign divine nature. 
  • Grace is a space where balance can naturally return without apology, explanation or delay.
  • It is the space your soul was birthed in free of any conditions.
  • Grace is sanctuary of space from which quantum solutions arise and Grace can orchestrate everyday miracles beyond your control.
  • Grace is an invincible presence that cannot be bought, sold or traded for.
  • Grace is never withheld.
  • It allows for the seemingly impossible to appear without effort.
  • Grace loves what feels unlovable; forgives what seems unforgivable.
  • Grace is in everyone and is everywhere, there is no place that Grace is not.
  • Grace is completely and harmoniously fluid and includes both the divine feminine and divine masculine unified beyond gender and hierarchy.
  • Grace has never left you and lives within you always.

This moment of Grace

I have felt into these words for several days now, and I hope you can feel the truth and harmonious graciousness of this wonderful energy space called Grace.

Yesterday, it popped into my mind that Grace is what Wealth feels like to me. Wealth is Grace and Grace is Wealth. The unlimited harmonious space that we swim in every day, every minute - so much so we forget it is even there - wealth and grace are always and in all ways.

So today, please take some time to marinate in this space of Grace. Allow yourself to surrender into this harmonious, abundant, ever embracing, place that is with you always and in all ways. And then as you enjoy the relaxation, peace and serenity that comes from the all encompassing Grace, feel how this is true Wealth.

Surrender to Grace and enjoy swimming in its unlimited everything...Grace is always and in all ways.

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