Love Loving (Be the source not just the seeker)

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So many of us are looking for love. (And usually in all the wrong places - to quote the song). And this is beautify our longing for love. Because deep in our core we know love is the essence of all things. However, as we go in search of love, the notion gives us the subtle message that others need to give us that which we wish for. And this subtle message can keep us from realizing – we are the love we seek and we can be the source of love. The power lies in radiating love (not searching or demanding or grasping for it outside of ourselves.) Essentially - to love loving - be the source of the love not just the recipient.

Gandhi said, be the change you seek. What this investment tip asks us to do is be the love we the prosperity we seek, be the source of that which we seek not just the seeker and receiver.

So many of us have felt despair and sadness, like we are alone or forgotten and not loved – and this is a terribly poor feeling.  The antidote to this empty feeling is to be love, to radiate love and love loving. Be the source.

You are the source of the love you seek. You are the source of love! You love, you bless, you radiate. Not in a required must love or I am a bad person way – but in a free to love everything and anything way – just because.

Look around today and just love loving. Love loving your car (don’t just love your car – love loving your car). Love loving your shoes, love loving the person who checks you out at the store. Love loving your boss, love loving the grass. Practice BEING the source of love radiating love.

As you play with investing in the very abundant feeling of loving to love, you shift the energy from being the one trying to get love or waiting for love or hoping for love - to being the one that IS the lover (the source). And as you do, you will feel the strength of being the source of love, you will feel the freedom and peace that comes from being the source and loving to love.

As you practice being the source, you will see that you have the choice about how you feel about things and how you react or act toward things. Deciding to be the source, empowers you to be that which you seek. so if you desire prosperity, feel prosperous, BE that which you seek. And you will see how as you do, you radiate a wealth of joy that is a great gift to you as well as all that are touched by your radiance. 

Love loving! Enjoy Enjoying! Play with Playing! Yahoo for you!

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