Overcoming Scarcity Ideas: It's NOT available to me






Of late, as I do my money meditations that I shared last blog, I realized I still have lots of scarcity notions that are more unconscious than conscious. 

So I was thinking is that I will pepper these blog posts with some thoughts on overcoming scarcity un/consciousness.

This post will be about the notion that abundance and wealth are available - just not for me.

I was working with the idea that: Money is plentiful and it flows easily to me.

By the way, what I am doing now is writing the money statement over and over for 5 minutes. This is helpful to me to focus. And as I was doing this, I was feeling into how I feel as I write the statement.

Money is plentiful and it flows easily to me.

And this is what I noticed:

I wrote: Money is plentiful.       I thought, Yes, I agree it is.

I wrote: Money is plentiful and it flows.    I thought, Yes, it is plentiful and it flows, that all felt true and ok.

I wrote: Money is plentiful and it flows easily to me. BONK! - I thought well not really...it does not flow easily - it takes me some work.

I wrote: Money is plentiful and it flows to me too: BONK! - I thought wow I think money is available to others but not so much to me.

So what did I notice? I caught myself in the classic - YEAH BUT - NOT FOR ME! Yeah money is flowing, but not to me! Abundance is flowing but not for me. 

This classic scarcity idea that it might be available - but not for me is one that will keep the currency of money and prosperity flowing around you but not necessarily to you. It is like having a bubble around you, and the flow just moves right on by.

Lack and limitation are things we are taught, they are not what is the truth of where we came from or who we really are. Who You Really Are is Divinity in Motion! Who You Really Are is Unlimited Abundance. Who You Really Are knows ALL manner of prosperity flows to you always and in all ways (and that includes money and its many forms!).

So as you play with your Easy Money process, notice if scarcity ideas and feelings pop in or sit heavy on your heart. You will feel them. They feel heavy, they make you sad, they feel limiting and separating. Scaricty ideas might be holding your energy down. Don't let them.

And so - back to our prosperity idea:

Money is plentiful.   YES IT IS!

Money is plentiful and it flows.   YES IT DOES

Money is plentiful and it flows easily to me. YES IT DOES WOOHOO! for me!

Money is plentiful and it flows to me too! Wow how wonderful I feel so great-full!

Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy being free of this scarcity idea. Abundance and all good is flowing - and it is for you! and it is for you too!

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