The Journey of Trust

Do you trust?

One of my favorite scenes from Disney's movie Aladdin is where Aladdin as "Prince Ali" is riding on his magic carpet trying to persuade Princess Jasmine to consider going with him for a ride. Aladdin holds out his hand, as he stands on his magic carpet, and says, "Do you trust me?".  And Jasmine gives a cautious YYEESS.

I think this question of trust is a most powerful and important one to dive into. Do you trust life? Do you trust yourself? Do you trust anyone or anything period? Trust for many of us is the most difficult thing to do?

The Journey of Trusting in the Flow

And for many of us we need to take a "trust journey". I know for me, the journey started with (and it has been a long journey) do I trust life? Do I trust the people of life and the things of life? Over the years, I have come to trust in the divinity of life and the gloriousness at the essence of life...the unlimited life behind life, so to speak. I have come to see that there is great love & wealth at the essence of life - but how we humans choose to mold that love-clay is another story. But, for me, I have come to trust in the unlimited love and wealth is flowing and it is my choice how to mold my life clay.

Then came the next huge hurdle in trust? Do I trust me? As I came to understand my power as creator who invests my life energy. I started to wonder do I trust me with my creative power? At first- it was a hell ya! But then over time, I saw the things I created and thought - what are you up to Laurie? And for a while, I did not trust me. Again this is a journey. And now, I have come to trust me.

And then there is the do I trust us working together? If I trust the wealth of life, and I trust me, can I trust us working together? Thriving together, playing together, creating together, flowing towards our highest and best good at all times? All good questions? and to be honest, I can say after all these years - yes. I trust us.

I remember Albert Einstein said, “The most important question a person can ask is, "Is the Universe a friendly place?" From my point of view, he was so right. And with Covid going on - I think it is even more important to explore. I hope your journey leads you where mine has - that you can trust in the unlimited flow and wonder of life, that you can trust yourself as you are a powerful creator, and you can trust you are always working together.

It is important you take the journey of trust. And it is important you find teachers and guides that understand the grace and beauty of life. Because the news is not always a good guide, nor your family or friends. I have found so many wonderful teachers - books and yoga masters who have showed me the way of life. But know matter how much reading and yoga and youtubing you do - you must put it into practice and take the trust journey.

I encourage you to take the journey of learning to trust the essence of life (and know it is working with you and for you). And, please take the journey of trusting yourself, and then you need to experience creating you can build the foundation of trust that will serve you always and in all ways.

Take the journey of trust so you can trust you are prospering.


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