Use Your Mind - Don't let Your Mind Use You

This is one of the most profound concepts to living life on earth skillfully - use your mind, don't let your mind use you. Yet for so many of us it is an illusive statement and idea that is not really all that easy to implement and mostly, it is down right difficult to do.

I think it is because most of us have not been taught that our mind is our soul's tool here on earth. It is an amazing thing, this mind with its thinking and focusing capability that we have been endowed with to create anything and everything while we are here. The thing is most of us are unconscious to the minds power as our tool and do not use it all that intently.

Again, our mind is our souls' tool. It is a creating tool that provides us with the faculty to logic, decide, and focus. It also has the ability to engage our energy and emotional body, thus turning us/you into a transmitting and receiving tower that attracts and tunes into that which we have been focusing on. 


The opportunity is to understand and learn that your mind is not you and your thoughts are not you. Read that again, your mind (the mind) is not is your tool. And the corollary is your thoughts are not you.

As we journey on the prosperity path, this is a powerful concept to grasp and utilize. But alas many of us assume our thoughts are us. Even Descartes made this clear when he said "I think therefore I am." I am not all that sure when he meant, but the way I read it is that if he did not think he would not exist. And this is SO not true. Your essence, the magical energy elixir that is You, your soul is and always will exist! 


The other day when I was in meditation, I felt the difference between mind and consciousness. Consciousness feels like the ocean of all...of all wealth, of all love, of all joy. Consciousness is the energy essence we all are a part of eternally. The mind is a wave in this ocean, an individuation of the ocean but still completely a part of it. The thing is that the wave can wave-out any way it likes. It can be big and rolling or soft and lapping. No judgement, just do you...just wave-out the way you want and your mind can help you do that...always remember you are a part of this larger consciousness ocean...with all its power and faculty.


There are so many wonderful benefits of meditation, but one of the most powerful is learning to turn the mind on and off - so you can use it as your tool...instead of letting it run the show like a crazed wild animal...bouncing from subject to subject at an insane pace. 

When we learn how to stop thoughts (from our mind) or watch the thoughts and become conscious of them - now we are in a position to use our mind and not let our mind use us - and we decide what we are going to think about and focus on (or not!). Because as we just discussed, our thoughts translate into emotional energy that turns us into a law of attraction transmitter. It behoves us to learn how to transmit intentionally and be conscious of the thoughts we do want to transmit. This understanding and skill turns you into a conscious creator!


The subtitle of the Effortless Wealth book is developing your wealth consciousness. It is not a book about learning how to manage your money, it is a book about tapping into the unlimited ocean of wealth that you are naturally a part of. And deciding to use your mind tool to tune into the always available wealth in all its magnificent forms.

Noodle on that for a while! 

Abundance is your always and in all ways.


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